So apparently, 4 out of ten people actually saw the movies selected in the best animated picture, and even people who saw a few went so far as to say that they considered it to be childish, minor, or not worthy of their interest (paraphrasing this article). It was then only logical then that the voters would vote for the good ol’ christmas pop-corn that it Frozen. 

As animators and directors, we are used to this kind of reactions around us from people who don’t have so much of a passion for cinema. But this is the academy ! These guys make our movies, they are supposed to have enough culture and curiosity to know that animation is not only about children - especially the year with The wind rises and Ernest & Célestine in competition.

Sorry the blame has to fall on Frozen, it’s a good movie and it deserves its best original song award, but in my opinion the best animated picture award is a robbery.

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